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How quickly and just cook delicious dishes. Like in a slow cooker and the preparation of lion-kebab.

Many hostesses have already appreciated the indispensable assistance in the kitchen of such a device as a multicooker.

But many still with caution look at this device, having so many different functions. Can a multivarce with the responsibilities assigned to it?

Each young mistress always faces some problems when cooking seemingly such a simple dish like porridge. Dirty stove, difficult to wash saucepan and spoiled breakfast and mood for a whole day. Yes, all this is possible! But only in the case when you use a multicooker. Believe me that this wonderful device welds for you the most wonderful porridge and will require the most minimal attention to the cooking process.

Porridge - our food

So how to cook porridge in a slow cooker. First you need to read the instructions carefully. After all, multicookers differ in power and volume of the bowl. Take the required amount of cereals, rinse thoroughly, pour the liquid in the instruction in the instruction, add spices, select the mode and cooking time - that's all that will be required. Everything else will make electronics for you.

At first, you will still have to carefully follow the instructions, but later you will already determine the required amount of products. You can also invent new recipes for useful dishes with the addition of fruits, dried fruits, berries, etc.

With the help of a multicooker, you can please your loved ones not only with a sweet milk dish, but also prepare a rice, buckwheat or pearl porridge with meat, mushrooms or vegetables. In compliance with the preparation instructions, you will have a delicious crumbly and fragrant dish. And at the same time you will not be forced to stand at the slab, to stir something, follow, so that nothing has burned and did not bother. Multicooker will do everything for you.

Of course, with the help of a miracle pot, you can cook a variety of dishes. But nothing can compare with a meat dish cooked on a grill or grill. Today we want to tell you how to prepare the most painful lyuly-kebab. And for this, neither the brazier, nor grill, nor any special culinary skills. We just open you some secrets with which you will learn to prepare the real lully kebab in the oven.

Cooking Lulle Kebab

The main secret of this dish is correctly selected ingredients and spices. The meat for lulya-kebab is used fatty - pork or lamb. And the most important onion - it should be not just a lot, it should be very much. And necessarily greens, garlic, coriander, zira, red pepper.

From the prepared meat and onions make minced meat, add spices and meat to half lemon.

The prepared mass should be cooled in the refrigerator at least half an hour. Then shape sausages, put them on a baking sheet or grille, shining foil and bake in a strongly preheated oven until readiness. Peel-kebab prepared in this way is juicy and very tasty. Our exclusive 1Xbet Promo Code gives you a VIP sports bonus that is a 100% match on your first deposit worth up to €/$130 (or your country’s currency equivalent). We’ll reveal how to claim it using our 1XBET sign up code in the next section. For casino lovers, you should check out our other exclusive 1XBET bonus: up to €1950 in bet credits, as well as 150 free spins to use on selected slot games. Remember that 1XBET doesn't accept players from restricted territories and our coupon code can be used for every section.

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