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With the help of the joint efforts of Naomi, Edison and Pete, Violet can come to a stable state and at the same time save the child. Thus, the time between Sam and Edison, the romantic feelings are tied, about which they are in no hurry to advertise, so that Naomi. Charlotte with Cooper makes decisions to part, as there are many problems and disagreements in their pair. Dell lost Heather because of a big explosion, which almost killed Betsy. Summa and Naomi's joint daughter has long been living apart from his parents. She married and soon awaits the appearance of a baby. <br />
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While Violet straightens his health, Pete in Days, passing for their shared child Lucas. When Edison begins to twist a novel with Pit, she gets closer to Lucas and after that he does not understand how she should come next. This order of things is very worried about Violet, which has not yet restored his strength. The situation is sharpened to the limit at the time when Violet submits a statement to the court to get a custody of the child. It is this act that gives them a chance to revise all their relationships and take steps to reconciliation. Cooper together with Charlotus have many problems that they try to constantly fix. But ultimately, they make a decision to engage that they don't really like Sheldon, who is trying to confront them. <br /> How to play online pokies for free? If you're not yet ready to win real money and prefer a slightly more cautious approach, use the demo versions. You don't need to register or make a deposit. Playing free best online pokies at online casinos you can get used to the rules and game mechanics, and just enjoy the process.

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