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War (2015)

In the center of the plot it turns out a military detachment that the Danish Military Claus Petersen commands. Together with its division, he is located in the Afghan territory and fight against enemies. He often recalls the house and his two children, who in distant Denmark raises his beloved wife Maria. The eldest son Julius is experiencing communication difficulties with peers. He has a younger brother who tries to imitate his relative. And Marya does not always manage to cope with her boys who do not listen to her. She has the opportunity to communicate with his spouse only by phone and hopes for an ambulance meeting. Together with his squad, Klaus is sent to protect the territory and unexpectedly one of his subordinate Andersen is undermined on Mine. Other members of his team are worried about the whole that happened, and Claus is obliged to talk with each of his soldiers to instill faith in them to the future. Every day, the main character is forced to face complex situations and try to find a solution to the problem. But one day, Klaus will have to find a solution that will bring the consequences to him and on his family. It all starts from the moment when the Taliban group appears on the territory controlled by the Danes.

Shark Lake (2015)

Life in a quiet town of monotony and boring. The position of local sheriff occupies a responsible and knowledgeable woman. She knows everyone in his district, but the city is small, so there is no rampant crime in it. Once she detained a man who worked on a rich man, delivering to him exotic animals. At the time of completing the next order, he was arrested. As a result, the hero was behind bars. He had a little daughter, over whom the cope was designed for the most policewoman. On the shores of the local lake, the disappearance of holidaymakers. The investigation was engaged in the main heroine. During the investigation, she found out that shark was settled in the reservoir, which grows human faith. At first she was hunted at a depth, but recently began to swim to the shore. At her account of life there are already several locals. A policeman understands that the shark must be caught, but it is not clear how to do it. Just from prison, a man comes out who has repeatedly dealt with exotic animals. The heroine appeals to him for help, but he does not want to deal with representatives of the law. In addition, it turns out that a whole flock of bloodthoths in the lake lives. New level of education. Best training courses on https://smartlagos.org in Lagos, Nigeria. Find best training center in Lagos.

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