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Popular superstitions and signs of pregnant women

As soon as a woman finds out about pregnancy, various advice, superstition, and she does not know what to do and who to listen to them. Some of the superstitions and will actually have foundations, and others do not need to listen to others.
The first sign: do not buy in advance things for the baby. It went long, because at that time medicine was not well developed, the pregnancy threatened with a large number of complications and, buying clothes in advance, there was a risk that she would not be useful to anyone. Now the situation has changed, medicine is already well developed and mortality has decreased significantly, so do not be afraid to buy clothes in advance.
The second sign: not to tell anyone about pregnancy until the belly is visible. Here the woman is better to do as it is more comfortable and calmer: you can tell immediately, but you can hide until the latter.
The third sign: the appearance of the mother during pregnancy depends on the floor of the child. For example, a girl takes beauty and mom will look worse, and if the boy, then the opposite. In general, during pregnancy, a woman is changing a hormonal background and skin can change, hair, but it is not connected with the child's floor
The fourth sign: the sex of the child can be determined in the form of the abdomen: if the stomach is sharp, then there will be a boy, and if round, then a girl. Previously, there was no ultrasound study during pregnancy, which determines the floor of the child, but everyone wanted to know this and began to guess, because the probability of a 50/50 error. From here and this sign that no research is confirmed.
Fifth sign: you can not cut during pregnancy. Allegedly, if mom is cut, then the risks of premature birth increase. This is wrong. A woman on the contrary is better to follow himself to feel confident and beautiful, because this emotional positive will be transferred to the child, which will be good to affect his condition.
The sixth sign: to dissolve hair during childbirth, because in this way the woman relaxes and gives birth easier. On the one hand, this sign is relevant, because during childbirth, the woman should be as relaxed as much as possible and if it dissolves the hair, removes the tension on the psychological level. But it happens that the inconvenience is inconvenient during childbirth, so in the case of this promising woman it is better to act as it will be more comfortable.
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