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Tips on the passage of the game Tyranny. Useful guides # 061

Blind ambitions

This chapter consists of three short quests that you can perform in Haven as a member of the Choir of the Scarlet Order. Only the quest "Blind ambitions" can be performed while the "forge symphony" still continues. The rest become accessible only after the last completion.

Callion, kestodel

Kalea-compells of callion. Both live in the crossroads of Letiana. You can find it in a deserter march (M17). To start the quest, you must talk to one of them, but only after the invasion of the bronze fraternity in the crossroads of Letiana during the quest Symphony of the Forge.

There are several possible solutions:

Be sure to return to your brother (50 rings or 100 rings from Callion if you have 53 rank in the trick). To convince her, you do not need to use any skills, just tell her that Raetommamon is not the one who she believes.
Kill Kalea. If you recognize the callion that it was you, you obviously won anything. However, if you are lung (trick 48), you will get 100 rings.

Help Calea to join the bronze fraternity. In this case, it is enough to talk to the local (if you have not killed him). Then you need to meet Calea in Twin Rivers. The fee can be obtained with Kallion, as in the first solution (and in the same rings).

Calea will stand in the camp Vella in Twin Rivers.

Note: If you want to help Calea, you need to first clean the Twin Rivers so that this mission makes sense. Otherwise, you can find her body by the river.

Note 2 - Obviously, if you killed Locke before, you will not be able to help Kalea join the bronze fraternity.

Don't leave anyone

In Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths you will find a girric student (M36). Clean the way during the fulfillment of the main quest for catching the roommon, and then report Harrik about your success. Then meet with Lohar in the crossroads of Letiana. You will not get any award, except experience and a small increase in your skills.

Missing parcel

If you fully fulfilled the main quest of the Archon (forge symphony), you can learn from Lohara (M11,5) at the crossroads of Letiana, that her cargo weapon disappeared. Searches begin in the march of deserter. There you will find a person named Nicandros (M17,1) near the chest. He will speak with you if you take its contents. You have two options:

Take the cargo to Loharu (forge). In return, she will give you a sluggirl mittens);
Take the load of Locke to the Marsh Deserter (Bronze Brotherhood). This will not bring you any award, except for the appreciation of the bronze fraternity and anger of the forge. source: https://onlinecasinoaussie.com/

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