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Taxi for transporting animals

Urgently need to carry a pet, but not to whom to seek help? Or all friends are engaged in solving their questions? Maybe your animal is not accustomed to the huge cluster of people and public transport loaf? In any of the listed situations, our company name will provide a comfortable delivery of animals at the specified address.

We are ready to provide a taxi to the owners of pets for:

- transportation of large breeds of animals without unnecessary fuss and additional stress;

- delivery of birds, cats, dogs and exotic representatives of the animal world in a short time;

- transportation of an animal without accompaniment to another area of ​​the city, where it should meet;

- Delivery of your pet to the airport and to the station, a veterinary member for inspection and vaccination or to the exhibition.

Comfortable convenient trip

At the disposal of the clients the name offers:

- spacious cars equipped with air conditioning and soft bedding;

- the purity of the cabin of which is ensured by regular disinfection and processing;

- if required, we provide stretcher for moving a large animal;

- experienced drivers who have experience in the carriage of various animals.

Order a taxi to your city for animals is accompanied by a number of rules.

- Transportation of large animals is made with a leash, muzzle and a litter.

- For 4 hours, the feeding and passing of a pet cease before the trip, do not make it during the trip.

- It is advisable in advance to order a taxi for a taxi transportation of animals, without postponing the application of the application in a long box.

- The conditions for transporting exotic animal species are negotiated with the dispatcher.

- Transportation of feathers is produced in cells with a deaf pallet.

- Small animals must be in bags or carrying.

- For transportation it is necessary to have a veterinary passport of the animal.

All services for customers Our company offers at an affordable reasonable value. When you call the dispatcher you need to clarify how the transportation will be carried out - with the owner or without it, the breed and size of a pet. In this case, we will select the required type of car that meets this order.

Our guarantees

By checking a taxi in our company, you can be sure that:

- the car will be filed exactly at the specified period;

- delivery of the animal will be made without annoying delays;

- Animal will make a pleasant trip to the best possible conditions.

Consult on issues of application and learn detailed information about the transportation of animals, you can have a contact phone number of the contact phone number on the site.

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