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Accelerate the growth of eyelashes

All girls dream of long bulk eyelashes After all, this is a true way of seduction of men. In addition, they make our eyes more attractive. But not every can boast such beauty. In this article, we will tell you how to turn the dream into reality with the help of eyelash growth.

About eyelashes and their growth

It is known that the type of eyelashes is inherited, therefore three main factors that can determine it is a color type, racial affiliation and a region of residence.

Each eyelashes has its own life cycle, including the phases of intensive growth, resting and the rejection phase. In total, one eyelashes lives for about 3 months. Next it falls out, and in her place grows a new one. With age, we increasingly notice the moment of changing the eyelashes, since the metabolic rate is reduced, and the update slows down. Eyelashes can change both color, and the cause can be not only age, but also hormonal failure, and the low quality of cosmetics used. As a result, you will get rare and light eyelashes.

How to accelerate eyelashes?

Surely you thought that now there will be a story about the means for the growth of eyelashes. Necessarily, but a little later. First you need to understand that their growth depends on the proper nutrition and health status. If you are fine with this, you can go to the transfer of ways to accelerate growth.

Home care

Surely you have at hand there are means for the growth of eyelashes - you just do not know about it. The first way is tea. It contains a tannin that restores and strengthens eyelashes. Compresses from tea make 1 time a week, while it is brewing quite tight and put on the eyes for 15 minutes. Next, we rinse our eyes with warm water.

Decoration from chamomile and corn

He will help you withdraw inflammation and edema of the eyelids, and will also prevent the burnout of the eyelashes in the sun. The recipe is simple: 1 tbsp. Dried flowers pour 200 ml of hot water. We insist during the day, fix and make compresses for centuries for 20 minutes.
Beautiful natural serum for eyelashes are oils from which olive, linen, almond, refill oil are distinguished. You just need 2-3 times a week to lubricate the cilia with any oil.

Cosmetics for eyelash growth

It should be noted here that among all the funds are most preferable, since they have better impact.

Serum for eyelashes

These funds make eyelashes with elastic and stimulate growth. For these purposes, you can use hormonal serum, but it is impossible to abuse. Contraindications for them are pregnancy and allergies. You can also use non-flame remedies for the growth of eyelashes, which include only vitamins and natural components. They apply them overnight, and in the morning wash off with water. In a month you will see significant changes - your cilia will become stronger, and most importantly longer. All real reviews about Russian dating platform Mamba on https://eduzorro.com/websites/mamba/ . Read them now!

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